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From a story perspective it delivered everything with a bit much in terms of naive optimism and predictability, which I felt dampened the experience significantly for me. Not to mention the side content isn't particularly enticing, as the game's pacing combined with a lack of any skip mechanics make it a slog to replay after the first time. 

Other than that though, this game has a ton of heart put into it, and I greatly admire the attention-to-detail put in every corner here. I enjoy it not as a particularly inspiring or compelling story, but as an example of truly impressive storytelling and worldbuilding.

Strong 6/10
EDIT: I forgot to mention, the characters represent their different stereotypes very effectively, which makes Alex's interactions with them all the more compelling. Just thought I'd bring it up. Plot itself isn't very interesting in my opinion and the game still has a pacing problem when replaying, but I do still like most of the characters.


the message in this game is beautiful, and means so much to me as a trans person. thank you so much for this.

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if i hadnt played this game i wouldve never started questioning my gender and i honestly dont know if thats a good or a bad thing


Thank you for making this game. It's such a comfort to me and I adore it so much. If I had a MAC rather than a Windows I would make my computer look exactly like the one in the game. It was such a wonderful experience and it means so much to be as a trans person.


This game literally inspired me to finally come out to my friends. Thank you so much for making it.


Thank you so much for making this game. This game means so much to me on a deeply emotional level. The ending is cathartic and satisfying, it puts you through a lot and can be intense at times but I adore it all the same. I'm probably going to play it again sometime, but I'm going to wait a while, so I can experience it with fresh eyes again. 

Every character is so real, and every single one matches people I've met online when I was a dumb teen figuring myself out. 

Thank you for making this game. It's a deeply cathartic experience, and I hope to see more of your work soon.


I really love this game, it's so emotional and definitely worth the price. I'm currently trying to find the password but i can't find it anywhere D: does anyone know where it is...?


Help! how am I supposed to play? I had conversations with people in the chat window, then used the friendly reminder to get some dates. I'm stuck there. I try to logout and all I get is a weird sound and nothing happens, I close and open the game and the chat resets, ony documents and the reminders are saved


I haven't talked to my spawners properly in well over 8 years.

I sent them this game, because they've said pretty much word for word everything that Alex's dad did. Or well, the equivalent in a language that constantly misgenders me but w/e you get the point.

They apologized to me for the first time in 8 years.

I don't know what to say other than thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


I'm not good at reviews, but i started this game blind, not realizing it was about a trans girl. This game is beautiful, and brought me to tears several times. this was such an adventure, and im still actually crying over it. there were a lot of feelings put into this, and im thankful i came across this game. 

I can't seem to find the "PGLF.jpg" image I've seen in a few Steam screenshots, am I missing something?


oh shoot, I must have forgotten to include that I the latest Itch update of the game >.>

In the meantime, here's the image uploaded elsewhere!

Oh wow now it made sense, thanks for the heads up!


AUGH I LOVE IT ;_; thank you for making this beautiful work, Victoria!! Also the soundtrack is STUNNING!


is there really no way to save partway through a day? not everyone can finish a play session when the game wants you to?


That's correct, you can only save at the end of the day. The reasoning behind this is that it would have required a significantly more complex save system able to account for saving each individual dialog choice and repopulating each of them every time the game loads in, which could create a good deal of technical issues given it loads everything in at a scene's construction.


Super busted game ): was super excited to play it and then I really REALLY loved it... up until day 5/14. The terminal doesn't work and I can't figure out how to restart the game (perhaps corrupted save file?). I deleted the physical files, I deleted the game files, I restarted my computer, redownloaded the physical files, and it keeps loading up at my last save on 5/14. Huge bummer, I was really excited to play this to the end. Can someone help me? Where tf are these files saving on my comp and HOW do I get them off so I can start again?


What seems to be the exact issue you are having?

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(hate to ask this but i was having a similar issue and missed the obvious solution) have you tried deleting your save file from within the in-game menu on startup? 

i rly hope you get to play this (if u havent already solved ur problem)!! honestly its a huge mystery where the save file is, i spent a good half an hour looking through recent files 😔

(edit, your pc should have a 'hummingwarp' folder somewhere, the save files in there!)


fantastic. even as a cis-male, with easygoing parents, this still hit me hard, and i cried a couple times. there's always a commonality in coming out. love this. thank you.


I cried a lot. I wish I'd had this as a kid.


I am stuck on a bit with Laguna she is telling me about using is to locate and stuff and I dont know what the fuck she is talking about please help


so I found out you have to use ls not is but the command still isnt working


ok ive done it but she said more and I dont understand what she means by more


This was absolutely incredible. I played it over a number of days and genuinely was looking forward to logging in each night. The story really brought up a lot of emotions for me, in a way that is rare for games. Will stay with me. Well done on an outstanding piece of work, look forward to seeing what else you make!


Gosh... really.. just pulled my heart out in the best way.
My experience growing up was... different from Alex. But it's shocking how true-to-life the emotional roller coaster of a through line is.

Thank you for making this game. Thank you for telling this story.


At the end of the game you can exit the chat window which breaks the game. You cant quit or open a new chat window. I ended up watching a video of the last few min of the game.


Oh. My. God.

I have been questioning my gender for years, but have always been too scared to really confront what these feelings may mean. This game broke my heart and mended it a thousand times over, and now that I've finished it....

I think I'm finally ready to start searching within myself for my own identity.

Victoria Dominowski, you are a godsend. Thank you for a beautifully nostalgic and heart-wrenching game.

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one of my favorite games I have played recently, it brought me to tears. 

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I can`t type in the ~ thing on the terminal to acess the gem write thing? I can do it outside the game but in the game. I use the ascii code thing.

button on far left end of keyboard, under the escape key

Doesn`t work, all i get is º+++++++++++ when i press it


Probably the coolest and sweetest game I have played in a very long time. It really captures so much emotion and just helps you understand where Alex's head is at. I found myself multiple times frustrated at the chat responses to choose from as there wasn't a "perfect" option but I had to remind myself, Alex is a teenager and emotions run so strong, so of course there is going to be conflict and not perfect responses, makes the game real and I love that. Definitely had me in tears at the end, this is just such a great game, and even though I am no longer a teen it really made me feel heard in so many areas, wonderful game seriously.

this game is v nice but im stuck on the first day? also everytime i open the chat, it pops up with two versions, one showing the messages that im up to and one showing the messages everyone sent me.

oh whoops ok. i managed to get past the first day, it wasn't a glitch or anything. 


uh, hi!!! i have a question about how to access game files that are definitely spoilers, would you prefer i describe the issue here or if it would be alright to e-mail you or message you on twitter or something of the like???

and if anyone just scrolling through itch is seeing this comment, definitely buy this game. it's so worth it C:

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This game- it was an amazing experience. I'm a trans boy and I really could relate a lot to Alex ? I cried, and I shared the hapiness, and the fear. I can relate so much to the way she interacts with her dad, and it's scary and reassuring at the same time, it made me feel like I wasn't alone. I really loved all the other characters too, I hope they all figure it out and be happy. She deserves to be happy.

I don't think I've ever gotten this invested in a game- I loved every moment of it, even if i wasn't very good at the egg minigame or the fanfic writing, haha. I also really liked the style and the end cutscene. 

I'm incredibly thankful for this game.

I drew a little piece of fanart too, if it's okay to add.


The game seems kinda bugged, it wouldn't let me logout after the first day for some reason, then the game suddenly quit itself and when i restarted it was the first day again and the convo with Sam had reset, but everything else (like the reminder for the movie) was saved, so I dunno what's going on.


same here!!
i really want to play, but i keep logging in, and i have to replay sam's conversation, but somehow i have prplsqrlgrl added already?? 


i really want to play this game cause it sounds very cute but im stuck on the first day! i cant seem to logout, and i know thats the only way the game saves. ive finished talking to everyone on messenger thingy so i thought that was it, i also added the events on the calendar reminder. anyways yea, i really want to play it please help me out!

This game has been added to Cloudsaver

Iiiiii can't find the password. Reading the comments it seems like it's supposed to be on the desktop, but it's not. halp QwQ


Oh, the game said exactly where it is. “The file is on your desktop”. ;)

No, i figured it out. I never managed to interpret the file from John's documents for some reason. Buuut, i'm good now.

Also the ending made me cry. Thanks. [I seriously mean it, if you wanna know more of what i meant i posted something on the steam forums.]

Hi there! I got this game in the BLM bundle and every time I try to run it is crashes and gives me an error report. Is there anything I can do to play this game?


oh no, what OS are you using? Are you running it through the Itch launcher or the regular executable? What does the error say?


Jesus, this game…


I’m not even sure what to say about it. Where do I begin? This game has made me feel things that no other games are really capable of. There’s something so special about being able to relate so much to a game that i… genuinely didn’t expect. It’s honestly one of my favorite experiences in years for so many reasons.


A simple one, for me, is the style. Classic UIs are my fetish, I swear to god. Nothing kills me more than old Unix/Windows operating system styles, and I’m not even sure why. I just love them to death and hell, this inspired me to start working on setting up a similar look on my Linux install [XFCE].


The way the story is presented, along with the story itself, is just… horrifically relatable. Like, as someone who’s incredibly socially awkward myself, Alex is such a mood- half of her responses, I don’t even want to give out of fear of looking dumb or seeming awkward or creating a bad situation or being too overbearing, all those kinds of things, which means it’s DEFINITELY working.

The situations you end up in, such as being torn between going with Andy to his game, doing the traditionally masculine thing, or going and watching what I can only assume to be budget Sailor Moon to crack your own egg.

Even through all the anxiety the game threw at me with everything that was going on… I felt something. I had a deeper connection to this game than literally any other in ages. And that was incredible.




And then it became a horror game.


When your dad pops in for the first time, I practically shit myself. The Pony Island-esque grunts, squeals and screeches of the computer had my heart racing the entire time. If it weren’t for that, I’d have seen her dad as an asshole sure, but… Because of those additions, I was scared. I was scared. Literally just having him there felt unsafe, and I just wanted it to go away. Thanks to those additions, you feel every bit of the fear and anger yet defeat that Alex feels. It’s such a simple and obvious concept and yet it works SO WELL.


To repeat what I said just before- even through the constant onslaught of emotions and anxiety, it was probably the happiest I’ve ever been in a while, playing this game. Every bit of anxiety, or fear, or happiness that Alex felt, I felt. And it’s something I really needed.

Y’see, I’ve known about my OWN gender for almost two years now, if not more. I don’t even remember correctly. But since then, it feels like that innocence, that freedom that came from realizing I could just… be a girl, had disappeared. And before I even got to transition, as well.

But… playing through this, the onslaught of anxiety or fear or happiness or confusion, it all made me remember how amazing it first felt when I knew what I could really be, what I really was. And I honestly needed that more than anything. 

I’m not even done with the game. But I get the impression that it’ll probably become one of my favorites, ever.


10/10, hundred percent. 


Also, i may or may not have a primal, visceral need to know where those wallpapers are from/how to get them. TELL ME PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW


I gotcha covered! ;)

You absolute legend.


This game cracked my egg!

Thank you soo much!

Im so happy for u!


Definitely don't overlook this one! I'm not one to usually review games and I don't have the best words to do so, but.. Here's my take. :)

A great game, was a wonderful experience. Had me crying but I left smiling. And crying. Still! It was quite on the nose, for me, as it was reminiscent of my own-- And I'm sure many others'-- discovery of themselves. It felt very personal and just.. Warm and good.

Also, egg.egg exists. That was a fun find. :P 

I am loving this! Usually with these kind of games I feel like information is just being thrown at me so fast but this felt just right :)

This was incredible. Thank you.

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