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Secret Little Haven is a game about old computers, community, creativity, fandom, gender, and the internet. Alex Cole is a teenage trans girl in 1999 who has yet to figure herself out. She spends much of her free time on the internet, browsing a fan forum for her favorite magical girl show, and chatting with her friends.
Join her on her story of self-discovery through friendship and media as she explores her computer for the treasures and curiosities of the early internet.

Play with SanctuaryOS, an entire operating system developed in Unity, with nearly a dozen applications such as a Web Browser, Chat Client, Doll Maker, and Text Editor, as well as an entire web forum for you to search through.

Explore the internet. Explore yourself. Find haven in your life's small comforts.

[CONTENT WARNINGS: Parental conflict, gaslighting, flashing visuals]


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Secret Little Haven.zip 82 MB
Secret Little Haven.zip 85 MB
Secret Little Haven - Official Soundtrack.zip 88 MB


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I loved this game!


I have not finished playing the game yet. I actually just started a while ago but thanks so much for making this game. Feeling a wave of emotions already. 11/10 recommend

This game is punching me right in my father-fearing egg memories, but I think I accidentally missed some stuff on Day 1, and I want to restart, but can't figure out how. (I even deleted the entire game directory and reinstalled, but I'm still on Thursday.) Where are the save files located? (Windows user.)

C:/Users/Username/AppData/LocalLow/Hummingwarp/Secret Little Haven


Thank you! I finished the game this afternoon, and I'm not sure I've ever played anything that hit closer to home.


okay, so [SPOILERS], but this is killing me:

i've absolutely loved the game so far, but right now i'm at the part where you get locked out of everything and i'm very stuck. i managed to access the password and su, but i can't get any further than that. it says "user password file is now on your desktop", but i can't find it anywhere, i've tried launching other applications from terminal but still get the insufficient privileges message and attempting to log out just gives me a password prompt.

i'm honestly lost, hopefully i'm not missing something extremely obvious lol


oh ffs. well played

I'm super a fan! I would be even more a fan if I could figure out how to make reminders that advance the narrative! ^___^

You need to make the reminder after they stop sending you messages.

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Click inside the Reminders window, then click the File button on the top bar, and then click the New button in that drop-down menu. As soon as you make the reminder, the dialogue should advance. :)

Oh, I figured it out eventually - I always do. It just takes me a while sometimes to see the plainly obvious. Just finished the game a few minutes ago.

I really appreciate all your help! And I appreciate your taking the time to reply to my earlier comment, too.

Duuuuude, this looks really nice, but I'm new here and I'm confused about how this site works. Can I buy this with my brazilian credit card? Cuz I'm from Brazil and I only have national cards :(

You're able to buy things here if you have a PayPal account - do you have one that you can use?

i wanna get it but i cant put moniy in sights like this


Really dig the look of this! Reminds me of the old black-and-white Macintosh Plus my grandparents had when I was a very, very young kid. Can't pick it up now, but probably will later!


Also, the use of Garamond or similar in the cover image is a nice throwback touch


This is such a good game and I super recommend it to anyone who enjoys feeling feelings

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I love this game so much. It's very similar to my experience. I'm not quite done with the game, but I know I'm going to love the entire thing. The storytelling is phenomenal. The graphics are on point, and the soundtrack is the only thing I've listened to since buying the game. I've encountered no bugs or glitches yet, which is astounding considering glitches are drawn twards me. I really feel like I'm actually on the early internet and on a old computer.

Overall, a 10/10 game. I would recommend to anyone.

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That was our childhood. No exaggeration. It was so amazingly easy to drop into those conversations, because they all mirrored conversations we had, twenty years ago now. So much fun playing with the built-in toys and generally organizing our in-game anime-themed double life... just like the real one. So much authenticity and soul in this.

The way it ended was beautiful and we cried so much and it was so incredibly validating.

Beautiful game. We hope that younger trans people see this and know that they're not alone, that us older beings have had this timeless experience before them, even though their computers these days have 64 bits instead of 32.

And for us, personally, it unlocked memories we didn't know we had, and something deep inside us feels like it finally moved on. Thank you so much.


This game is incredible. Its lovingly-crafted retro aesthetic is stunning in its attention to detail. The little online world on display here is astounding in its authenticity. The same can be said of the IM conversations, which capture the emotional intensity of chatting with online friends perfectly.

All-around, a masterpiece of story-telling.

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